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‘It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday.’

Impact:hypnotherapy draws inspiration from hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy, schools of psychology and Zen philosophy.

Discover your way to a better you.


impact-face-shotAfter teaching for 15 years, I wanted to share my passion for positive impact in changing lives. We are all busy and want something that works quickly and effectively. Sometimes that is what is needed. Sometimes a longer game is required. impact:hypnotherapy works with you to make the improvements you want.

Scott Lyons Hyp Dip. TFT Alg

We start by discussing the problem you are experiencing. I then suggest the kind of treatment I would recommend. Depending on the problem, you may need just one session or several. Many conditions can be treated in just one or two sessions. I also explain how hypnotherapy works and answer any questions that you may wish to ask about the treatment.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It does not involve losing consciousness. You are in control and aware of what is going on. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything against your will.

We may not realise it but we all experience hypnosis regularly and naturally. For example, just before you fall asleep at night or as you awaken the following morning, you may feel drowsy and relaxed. You may also spend some time each day drifting off into a daydream. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and altered awareness.

During your treatment, you will feel very relaxed, both physically and mentally, and this makes your subconscious mind open to positive suggestions to help you to take back control and make changes to overcome problems that are affecting your life.

In hypnosis, it is possible to consider new perspectives and discover inner strengths to help achieve your goals, overcome fears and make positive changes in your habits or patterns of thought.

A session of hypnotherapy should leave you feeling calm, with a sense of well being and the ability to meet the challenges of daily life with confidence and inner strength.

Now the distance is not an excuse. You can receive professional hypnotherapy from without having to move from the comfort of your own home. It is time to really improve your life and regain control over your emotions, behaviours and habits.

My home service is designed for those who want access to therapy in the comfort of their home, without traveling or waiting. Remember that if you want to perform a hypnosis therapy, it is recommended to do it in an area without interruption, in a comfortable space where the client and therapist can work peacefully.

A quiet comfortable place for performing therapy (without interruptions or annoying noises)

The therapy can be performed on a sofa, couch or chair.

Availability of water for after the session.


Most people can go into a light trance state. However, the treatment is not suitable for those with serious mental health problems, sufferers of epilepsy, the very young or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A session normally lasts for either 60 or 90 minutes. I prefer to start with a FREE 30 minute consultation in person or on the phone. Then depending on the what the session is for, for example anxiety, the session normally lasts for approximately 60 minutes. Further sessions may be needed.

Fees vary according to the length of the session: a 60 minute (1 hour) session costs £50.

Call me for a FREE, no obligation chat on 07886 249 231 or email me using;


impact sport

Using sports psychology, NLP and visualisation, impact:sport will help any team or individual craft a personalised map to re-create excellence in any sporting and competitive endeavour.

impact wellness

Ready to challenge depression? Anxiety? Fear? Negative habits? We are caring creatures. We are all self-carers trying to make ourselves feel better. With the help of our unconscious mind, and other therapies, impact:wellness will embed healthier responses to the challenges of life.

impact pressure

When we are calm, focused and in the moment, we are at our full potential. Impact:pressure will develop these innate skills so anyone can perform at those preciousmoments of promise; a driving test, school/University exam, music exam, public speaking, job interview etc.

impact nutrition

You are what you eat. Are you looking to eat better so you can feel better? Using mindful eating and hypnotherapy, impact:nutrition will give you the freedom to make healthy choices and move on from unhelpful habits so you have more energy, sleep better and enjoy a more positive body image.


I had a session of hypnotherapy with Scott several months ago to help me find focus on living a healthy lifestyle. I have always struggled with making poor choices with food, especially snacking. My session with Scott helped me to find a more mindful approach to eating. I still feel the positive effect three months later, making better choices and changing my habits. Scott is approachable, friendly and professional. I felt completely comfortable and safe throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend his services.


I can highly recommend Scott and his hypnotherapy services. I was extremely sceptical about the whole process and if it would work, but when he offered to help me with my eating habits I was happy to try anything. Scott was very professional and I was made to feel at ease and the whole consultation was very relaxing. He took time to find out exactly what I wanted and got to know me a little in order to ensure a successful session. I found that after the hypnotherapy my eating habits did change and has helped greatly in my weight loss. I now think about what I am eating far more and make much better decisions but I can still enjoy the odd cake!

Nicola Calvert

desaScott came into the football academy to demonstrate to our players the importance of psychology as a tool to improve their performance. We then asked him to conduct short sessions with our players prior to two important fixtures. Both ourselves the staff and the players found Scott’s input very valuable enabling them to focus on their individual and team performance. This resulted in two successful outcomes in both matches via a use of effective psychological techniques. We would highly recommend Scott to any organisation looking to gain the psychological edge and maximise performance levels.

Tom Parke, Dereham Town Soccer Academy


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